About the blogger

Paco Flores-Kiejda

Big fan of reading. Spies, epics, secret societies, conspiracies and adventures are the  genres that can grab his attention the most.

He considers himself a very active reader and sometimes needs to control himself when he goes into bookshops.

Along with reading, he enjoys learning languages. At the moment he reads in English, Spanish and Catalan, and in the short to medium term he wants to be able to read in Polish and Italian.

Robert Ludlum is his favourite author and one of his goals is to read all his books. However, he also likes other authors, some of them quite recent discoveries such as Scott Mariani and Jeremy Duns.

What is your favourite think about England?
That I can afford to feed my addiction: reading. In contrast with other countries, buying a book here costs the same as a cup of coffee!

Contact paco@simplyreaders.co.uk