Thursday, 30 May 2019

Twisted - Steve Cavanagh, 2019

Sometimes we choose a book for its cover, that happened to me when I saw ‘Twisted’.  If I’m completely honest I never had heard about any of Steve Cavanagh books before, so this was my first ever book from the author.

The idea of the book is intriguing, a mysterious and very successful writer, with a shady past living in a quiet, wealthy area where nobody knows about him, actually he is so mysterious that nobody knows his real name, his face and never gave an interview. All mystery. His wife is having an affair with a waiter and they discovered a bank statement with $20 million hidden from her and here is where hell unleashed.

The name of the book ‘Twisted’ honours the number of twist this novel has, one after another.  Steve Cavanagh’s novel made us be hooked with the storyline but I have to admit that took me around 140 pages to get me in. Before that point I was a little bit disappointed with the slow page and the unrealistic storyline, but after that point the first part made sense, and after all it was an enjoyable read.

In general lines it’s a good read but it is not one that i would particularly recommend, There are many other novels that you can spend the evening reading instead of this one, but that’s just my opinion.

The main character, Paul Cooper is not believable in his role of writer/killer/blackmailing/hero.  Actually I wouldn’t be sure if he fits in any of those categories, he looks like a scared guy trying to hide with little personality who is afraid of his shadow, and that, again in my opinion, is a let down.

If I have to rate this book, I would struggle to give it more than 3.5/5 stars.

If you have read it and have a different opinion, do not hesitate to leave us a comment. Nothing is more welcome than a literary debate!

Twisted by Steve Cavanagh
Orion Books
ISBN - 9781409170709

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