Monday, 1 April 2019

Lethal White - Robert Galbraith, 2018

I have never read any Harry Potter book and I have no intention to doing it anytime soon. Fantasy is not my cup of tea so don’t even think about that I have chosen this book because I was a JK Rowling fanboy. But, let me tell you something, I have read all Robert Galbraith books and I love them!

If you haven’t been in this lovely planet for the last 20 odd years, let me tell you that Robert Galbraith is JK Rowling alter ego to write thrillers and this writer not only delivers but going beyond my wildest expectations.

Lethal White is the fourth take on the adventures of Cormoran Strike, a PI, and his sidekick, PA, Secretary and his secret love interest Robin Ellacot.

This is not the typical series of books where from the beginning you know who is the killer and everything is sugarcoated and everybody is happy with the world. Not! This is a dark series where the goodies are not that good, actually they are quite shady and moody and the baddies somehow you can empathised with them around the series (well, not always).

What I really like in this book is that give you insider view of different sides of society that you wouldnt have access to, for instance, publishing world, politics or fashion. And the writer does it in a fashion that you believe everything he (or she) says and its more, at one point, you want to be a PI too and help him solving the mystery.

Nowadays, many writers use a formula that comprise this:action, sex, some wrong historical facts, more sex, some inaccurate locations, even more gratuite sex, some pervertion, a very shady killer, a very white main character that is as good as a saint and the end is with facts and elements that never happened during the story. This is different, in Lethal White you will find a very well told story with sub stories that helped you to contextually understand what’s  going on.

The book has around 568 pages and it’s a total page turning. If you like thrillers, read it you won’t regret it!

Recommendation: Buy it, read it and share it.

ISBN: 0751572853
ISBN13: 9780751572858

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