Thursday, 29 November 2012

bones to ashes - Kathy Reichs, 2007

There are 206 bones in the adult human skeleton [...] clues about a person's life story [...]. The more bones, the more is revealed.

Dr. Temperance Brennan has good reputation in forensics and she's constantly requested for second opinion, keeping her life busy and making her proud of herself, after all... who doesn't like to be recognized by its skills and work?

She faces a new case with a bunch of bones of a female on her 14's and it triggers childhood memories with her friend, Evangeline Landry, that happens to be French and with a very poor English. It was a very short summer holiday when they met, spent time together and were separated. Well... sometimes it happens, right? but the point is that the separation came quite dramatic and Tempe just could see a car taking her just-known friend away and no one wanted to give an explanation about to where, with whom and when.

Dr. Brennan will need to be professional and leave aside her memories and perform her work just as it is expected from her, will she? After all, it is hard to separate our private life and the professional when the emotions are strong, isn't?

At the same time, the detective Andrew Ryan is working with three different cases that have something in common: females, about 14's. The roads will cross and Dr. Brennan will be tempted to cross the line between her assigned functions in forensics and go further given her relation with Detective Ryan.

Keep an eye on: the fantastic explanations about forensics and all the turns the story that will keep you reading until the next morning.

Sometimes we want to know the truth or come out with a deep secret, but... not always our findings can be pleasant and we may wish never started.

A great book for a weekend at home, particularly on winter time with a delicious coffee and a cosy sofa.

It's the body's attempt to rid itself of the bacterium that causes tissue destruction, excessive regeneration, and eventually mutilation, not the bacterium itself. More salad?.

ISBN: 9780099492368
Arrow Books

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