Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Company of Liars - Karen Maitland, 2008

Life is a risk, Camelot. There is only one way to enter this world, but a million ways to leave it.

Have you had any journey or adventure that you always want to tell to others? that kind of trip that every time you have the opportunity you can't wait to tell? I can easily recall many fantastic, almost-epic camping trips with my most beloved friends. Weather, feelings, tiredness and jokes were the ingredients those that seasoned our friendship and created permanent bonds.

Karen Maitland brings a fantastic story where nine very special characters that get together by coincidence and, with the days passing, become dependent one from each other in order to keep themselves alive from a wide variety of enemies: the pestilence, the unwanted on the road ahead, their own masks and their own fears.

There was a new king and his name was pestilence. And he had created a new law - thou shalt do anything to survive.

The pestilence invades England and spreads quickly, the group decides to head north to try to keep the menace away from them. The ports are closed, villages and towns are devastated and the only way to survive is to keep moving.

The story is narrated by Camelot, a relic trader who will show us the England in the mid 14th century. Just like a road movie, the group will face all sort of difficulties such as to find shelter from rain and cold as well as food. To make it more interesting, a child will born in very adverse circumstances and the death will be present more than once.

Those killed by werewolves become vampires, that's what priest says.

Keep an eye on: all paraphernalia displayed by Karen Maitland on every page, superstitions blended with religion, sorcery, language and history.

Could you really trust someone who is in the habit of conversing with sorcerers or who freely utters the names of those who must not be named?

This novel is a time-travel experience, fully colored with details of that time. Along with this, you will find a brilliant plot based on a well built interaction of the characters that can be created only by an author savvy on    group dynamics.

Strange how desperate people are to know the future, even if they know they cannot change it.

ISBN: 9780141031910

This review is dedicated to Edgar, Alvaro, Jorge Ariel, José Manuel, Alex, Juan Andrés, Jorge and Carlos, the best unconditional adventure mates, those who not only have shared trips but still share the journey of life with me.

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