Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Spire - Richard North Patterson, 2009

Have you ever had any kind of  regression? It is well-known that our mind is that powerful that can block some memories in that way that we are not able to open those files, at least, voluntarily...

Mark Darrow, became an icon, a role model after his successful career. With no resources and a dysfunctional family, there is not to much he can expect from his own life out of find a job and follow any path that social inertia could give. But his talents as a student and sportsman will not go unnoticed and thanks to Professor Farr,  Mark will change the path of his life dramatically and for good.

Now the time comes to payback the favor and Professor Farr will ask Mark to come back to the college to exploit his public reputation and raise funds for Caldwell College. Friendship and loyalty are principles that cannot be leaving aside, after all.

Walking across the same old corridors and gardens will bring back some memories that Mark: a match, a victory, a celebration.. a murder. That sequence returns from the depth of his past and now it's time to clarify some things that previously didn't seem as intriguing and wrong as now.

His best friend is serving life sentence and Mark is not sure he's the person who deserves to be behind the bars. The loyalty to his friend will drag him into a game where his own life will be at risk.

Keep an eye on: the fascinating way the college and the atmosphere at it is described. I almost could breath the academic air when reading the book. The very intelligent plot designed by Mr. Patterson and the character of Lionel Farr.

If you would like to read a book with a good plot, detective lines, politics, crime and, of course, a bit of romance, this is the book you are looking for.

ISBN: 9781447208785

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