Sunday, 29 April 2012

Out - Natsuo Kirino, 1997

Two of my favorite books contain the same quote; words more or less, the phrase says: a secret between three people is safe as far as two of them are death*.

Have you ever been in an awkward situation where a lie only leads you to a new one and another and so on? some call it the 'snowball' and it is true. No matter how much you do to hide the true, always there is something that will pull the tail and the truth.

Yayoi is a food factory worker in Tokyo, with a depressive life: a jerk husband, two children, a cat and a monotonous and hopeless night shift job. After an argue with her Kenji, her husband, the things go badly and she reacts killing him, strangling him with a belt.

The problems start now, when she asks for help to Masako, a friend of hers in the factory who, at the time, asked someone else. They will chop the body and disappear it. All looks fine: the place, the alibi, the calls to the police, the distribution of the pieces, the logistics... amazing! looks like a job for UPS.

Another colleague decide to borrow money from Masako and finds her doing the nasty job along with Yoshie. Now the three of them are in the same boat.

When the crows in the park finds some pieces of the body the police will start their investigation. A money lender, the owner of a casino with a murder in his 'professional' resume, some Japanese mafiosos and some other extras will appear little by little making the murder a first page on the papers.

Keep an eye one: the very well elaborated plot that Natsuo Kirino brings to us, needless to say the descriptions and of course, the well planned end of the story when, after a breathtaking story, you will be able to breath again, but not without think and imagine your lungs and all organs of your body.

This book has been, to me, the discovery of a genius of the crime genre.

Very recommendable.
ISBN: 9780099472285

Thanks to Enrique for this amazing recommendation.
* Free Country and Carte Blanche

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