Monday, 2 April 2012

Everything Under the Sky, Matilde Asensi - 2008

What would you do if your future, your goods and your relatives depend all together on a legend?

Elvira De Poulain face an critical economic situation when arriving to Shanghai in 1923 to make all the relevant arrangements after the death of her husband. The nostalgia of a marvelous Paris and her painter career, the responsibility of looking after her cousin and the feeling of an uncertain future weight on her shoulders.

The situation doesn't get better once the port is reached. Mrs. Poulain will find herself surrounded by an unknown culture that is not easy to understand and live with, and her relationship with her cousin will not make the things easier either.

His husband let an huge debt as inheritance and the first solution she receives is based on the sale of all her goods and all what left from his husband's but the real help will come from a stranger that will offer to her a much more promising way to resolve this hard situation.

Without knowing it, Mrs. Poulain may have the key to find the mausoleum where the first Chinese emperor is buried. Just as in the most exciting exploring adventures, it is expected that the secret tomb of Shi Huangdi will not be easy to find and once found of course it will not be easy to break in.

The expedition will trigger a fascinating journey where ancient knowledge, loyalty, patience, discipline, friendship and bravery will be the factors to succeed.

Keep an eye on: all the elements from the ancient Chinese civilization those that will arise during the narration. The detailed and careful description of the landscapes and indoor scenarios. All the Chinese language terms and Feng Shui.

If you are looking for an adventure that mix action, history elements, and ancient cultures, this is the novel you must read.

Very recommendable.

Thanks to Czerwinski for his excellent recommendation.

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