Monday, 23 April 2012

The Dark of the Sun - Wilbur Smith, 1965

Have you ever been in a group going for a long trip, maybe in a music band or perhaps just a team undertaking a specific project and you can feel that something is not working correctly? It is something that you cannot explain easily, it is simply that for some reason bad things happen. If you have passed through this kind of situations, you can feel identified with this book.

Bruce Curry has his own 'Band of Brothers' in Congo. Today he has a mission: take his men for a trip and extract the people from a village in peril to a safe place. With transport arranged and the UN notified, what can be wrong?

All right then, the journey Elisabethville - Port Reprieve - Elisabethville via Msapa Junction is arranged, all on board and 'please mind the gap and make sure you have all your belongings with you'. Wilbur Smith will fascinate us with his very particular style describing landscapes, political context and economy of a country in some sort of permanent war, the well known guerrillas-war.

The trip will have his ups and downs such as the ruthless General Moses that happens to be very well armoured and will bother during the estance in Port Reprieve and the way back, the Baluba and some mosquitoes. But the real enemy will be an insider who will know perfectly how to make his move and hit where the pain is stronger: the heart of the leader.

Keep an eye on: the profiles of the mercenaries those that are described with an astonishing realism, their backgrounds, morality, fears and emotions. Every action or drama event in this book is narrated with such detail that it is not possible not imagine in vividly.

If you are looking for a bestseller full of action, great narrative, exotic landscapes and a perfectly well documented background, simply you cannot miss 'The Dark of the Sun'.

Very recommendable
ISBN: 9780330454926

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