Monday, 16 April 2012

The Children from Brazil, Ira Levin - 1976

Many people dream with the perfect world and make an considerable effort to reach this utopia. But is 'the perfect world' a valid plea to play, interfere or even mold the lives of others?

Ira Levin tells the story of Yakov Liebermann, one of the most famous Nazi-hunters, who is contacted by an inexperienced one, Barry Koehler. Very little will be said in this conversation when Herr Koehler will be abducted whilst speaking over the phone and the last words Liebermann will hear are from a very different but familiar voice.

Herr Liebermann will start deathly hunt where a series of casual deaths begin to be not casual at all. Not much will happen before he can find out that somebody is behind a sinister plan to clone one of the most transcendental characters in the human history: Adolf Hitler.

Josef Mengele has placed 94 babies with very carefully selected families, all of them must meet specific requirements. The mean of this is to simulate until the last detail, the same environment where Hitler grew to mold his mind accordingly. Liebermann will not be welcome to interfere with a plan that has already taken many years and his life will be at stake.

This books is a fascinating fiction novel that nowadays would be a lot more feasible given the progress of genetics and psychology. Definitely Ira Levin could scoope far in the future when writing it.

Keep an eye on: the description of Josef Mengele, his personality, the little details which show his obsessions, radical dreams, etc. In general terms, there is not a single element in this book that can be left aside as a part of a masterpiece.

For all those who like thrillers related with conspiracies, Nazis or secret organizations such as Frederick Forsyth's 'The ODESSA File', of Robert Ludlum's 'The Sigma Protocol', this is a must-read book.

A read-before-you-die 
9781849015905 (UK edition)
9788498724592 (edition in Spanish)

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