Saturday, 24 March 2012

saving faith, David Baldacci - 1999

"Run Faith, run just as fast as you can,"

Running is a very comprehensive activity, requires determination, clear goals, motivation and discipline. For some persons, running can be the only way to keep themselves alive. Lee Adams and Faith Lockhart shall use all possible resources to stay alive from a deathly chase.

From the depths of the CIA, a group of old wolves, led by Robert Thornhill, will do whatever it takes to silent all those who may interfere with their own interests, no matter the side effects.

"[...] The FBI agent was with her. So he had to die too." 

Have you ever heard of bureaucratic interference?  David Baldacci will show us in 'saving faith' the classic conflict between FBI and CIA that looks more like a clash rather than a simple interference.

'saving faith' is a fantastic novel that involves several elements, those that need to be carefully mixed just like a good recipe: action, politics, conspiracy, passion, loyalty and a fine touch of sarcasm and humor. If David Baldacci cooks as good as he writes, I would like to visit his kitchen everyday!

They were from the old school, which quite clearly understood that sacrifices of that nature were sometimes necessary. 

Keep an eye on: the psychologies of the main characters, in particular Lee Adams and Robert Thornhill as they expose mixed states of consciousness and of course, enjoy the runaway journey.

'saving faith' is the kind of novel that better you have a whole weekend off and with no pending stuff to do at home.

To be alive was to be afraid. To not be afraid was to be dead. 

Very recommendable

Special thanks to Estela and Alberto for this present.

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