Saturday, 17 March 2012

One Grave Less, Beverly Connor – 2010

“When you have to shoot, shoot – don’t talk”

Last year I read the work of Beverly Connor for first time when I was preparing myself for a trip. Given that I had finished a great reading of Robert Ludlum, I needed something new and a bit out of my habitual taste.

After walk all the corridors in a supermarket I found some books in offer and one of them was ‘Dead Hunt‘.

I couldn’t sleep until finish the book and I must say that I really went into forensics after that. Later, visiting Connor’s website I was impatient for the release of her latest novel: One Grave Less.

“Last week I was a respectable member of the community”, Said Diane, putting on her seat belt. “Today, I’m a drug-dealing whore. What the hell is going on?”
Connor takes us in to a new case where Diane Fallon falls in a very intricate trap with her reputation, her family, her past and her job at stake.

Just as in the best thrillers, Fallon needs to deal under extreme pressure with a lot of problems at the same time. Of course, we can expect the help of allies those that will give us some keys to find the light at the end of the tunnel where a big surprise is waiting for Diane.

Keep an eye on: the way that Beverly Connor describes the behavior of Diane Fallon. Every action, line and gesture completes a comprehensive and clear picture of who Diane Fallon is. Also worth to remark the high detailed description of all elements related with forensics.

Along with Tess Gerritsen, Miss Connor are by far the best on their genre.

“Baby, I need to get the bad man out of our lives”.

Very recommendable.

ISBN: 9780451231802

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