Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Burning Wire, Jeffery Deaver – 2010

Cases are so much easier to run when you start with a corpse or two. I hate it when the bodies are still alive and being elusive.

To read a book of Jeffery Deaver means always to read a masterpiece.

This time, Mr. Deaver puts the reader in the middle of a big labyrinth with little scrap of the map. I can’t remember a novel where I could be more lost, every time I was sure to know who was the ‘bad guy’ I founded that I was totally wrong.

If you understand something, Lincoln Rhyme had told him, you fear it less.

Parallel lines?, how many psychos?, a mafia?

Lincoln Rhyme along with Sachs and the rest of his team will work to decipher and discover who’s behind of a lethal threat which may cost hundreds of lives. Something as ordinary and close to us, the electricity… ‘the juice’, is turned into a fearsome menace and no one is safe as far as no one realise to be under risk.

Electricity kept people honest.

Keep an eye on: the wide and useful – by the way – explanations regarding electricity provided by Deaver. Honestly, since I read this book, I’ve got a little bit more respect about our energy resources. A nice element for Deaver’s fans is that Kathryn Dance collaborates in this case and with this, all who has read novels like ‘Roadside Crosses’ might feel some sort of familiar feeling.

Deaver brings one of the most fascinating cases ever shown into the crime literature and certainly is one of those trips that nobody wants it to come to an end.

Betrayal is a symptom of the truth.

Very recommendable

ISBN: 9780340937303

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