Saturday, 9 April 2011

Solar, Ian McEwan - 2010

And God's greatest gift to us is surely this, that a photon striking a semiconductor releases an electron.

Michael Beard is a scientist, Nobel Prize facing a married life falling into disgrace. With the time, his promising career will vanish in the past, becoming just a shadow of his own already faded success.

The goverment is looking for a better public image, and climatic change appears a good, affordable and effective way to earn the sympathy from the public.

A womaniser physicist and the very convenient circumstances will produce the curious story of a lucky man who will learn that lies and secrets will always come out, maybe for good and maybe not.

What was life without the highest ambitions?

Ian McEwan writes a hilarious, dramatic and consciusness-raising novel where the actual events of the drastic changes of our planet are mixed with family values and human behaviour and frailty.

Keep an eye on: the easy going language and fluent concatenation of events. The psycology of Beard and his natural and sometimes obvious reactions.

Even though 'Solar' is not a book which matches with the core of this blog, however, it is a very recommendable book that can be refreshing and give some laughs to crime and conspirancy readers.

Ian McEwan has earned his place a one of the best sellers with an excellent work where important current subjects can be boarded giving to the reader the priceless the opportunity of a bigger and deeper knowlegde whilst some other fundamental issues are displayed pristinely.

There was a consensus in cognitive psychology, based on a wide range of experimental work, that  in statistical terms the brains of men and women were significantly different.

Very recommendable

ISBN: 9780099549024
Vintage Books

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