Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsyth - 1971

Just like under every military regime, there are sides: the supporters, the indifferent and the opponents. Of course, we might talk about a fourth group: the chameleons. Frederick Forsyth, with his unparalleled style presents the De Gaulle's France where all the groups above have a place and a role.

After a number of failed attempts to kill the president, the Secret Army Organization seems to be decandent and close to fade away, nothing more wrong and periolus. The highest ranks of SAO think different and decided to launch a new plan. Only one person is qualified enough to meet the requirements: The Jackal.

Claude Level, the best detective in France will run a counterclock hunt based on nothing to stop the most dangerous and skilled assassin in the world.

Keep an eye on: the description of the setout of the Jackal and his swiss-clock mind that could manage to keep his identity hidden and how every obstacle has a quick and efficient response. The psycology of the Jackal is captivating.

Forsyth shows on every line written a fascinating conspiracy, along with the atmosphere inside the French bureaucracy and its Hall of Power. Every chapter read only can lead to the next and the next creating a gripping status on the reader. 'The Day of the Jackal' is by far, the best international conspiracy novel I've ever read and I may say that I couldn't stop but at the same time I wished the book would never end.

When I read 'The Afghan' I stated that "it will re-mould your conception of the international thriller novel". Now, I only can say that every book of Frederick Forsyth simply re-creates the way I see the espionage and conspiracy literature and there is not way back after.

A must read.

ISBN: 9780099552710 (for UK)
Arrow Books Ltd

ISBN: 9788497930468 (Spanish version)

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