Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Roadside Crosses, Jeffery Deaver - 2009

You know the term "escribitionist?"
Kathryn Dance a kinesics expert will face one of the most challenging cases of her career. Her temple will be dragged to the top when no only a psychopath appears in California. A big and complex problem overshadows her family and her mood.

...welcome to the new world of journalism, Agent Dance.
Travis, a shy and antisocial teenager seems to convolute criminal and a very popular journal blog strengthens the bad reputation to the point that he will be the most feared person in the county. At the same time, something draws the attention of the police and detectives involved: why the victims never die? does the perp want them to be found alive?

Agent Dance will find that the social web is more than pictures and email boxes. Communities are created every second for good and with evil purposes as well. Bullying, solidarity, leisure, escape and feelings are just a few examples of the elements included in the virtual world.

...the real world was only a place to eat and sleep, that the synthetic world was their true residence.
Keep an eye on: needless to mention the incredible precise descriptions that Jeffery Deaver manage on each story. What worth to be mentioned about this book is, how the author approaches the issue of the second life, the thin line between the virtual and real world and how the societies are clearly being modified by this phenomenon. One of the most interesting topics nowadays is the evolution of the languages and the effect of the ever-changing technologies on them, Jeffery Deaver doesn't leave it aside either.

'The Bone Collector' has been recognized as one of his best books, however, with every new story, Mr. Deaver reaches a new higher level of complexity, enrichment and profoundness that hardly can be found on other thriller writers.

And soon, a book that I only can describe as 'Perfect' even without read an excerpt: Jeffery Deaver will bring to life the most legendary spy in the world, James Bond, on a new adventure. 'Carte Blanche' - The new James Bond novel will be released on May 2011.

'Maybe I'll see you sometime... in Aetheria.'

A must read.

ISBN: 9780340994047

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