Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Secret Crown, Chris Kuzneski - 2010

We're not looking for a f.. treasure. We're trying to leave Germany before someone else gets killed.

Payne and Jones are on call, one of their best friend has done a very intriguing discovery and need the best on the business to find out the purpose of it. Soon, they will be involved in something bigger than a middle age bunker.

Chris Kuzneski brang to us a fabulous story where humor, action, history and an astonishing geography meet to great plot.

Some viewed him as a hero, a brilliant visionary [...]. Other saw him as a madman, a paranoid schizophrenic...

The Swan King beyond his eccentricities and nocturnal mood, had a dream and was decided to bring it to real. Unfortunately life comes to an end and the time was not on his favour. Now on the present days, a couple of intrepid ex-commandos will do the job along with a historian who has something to do in the case in order to keep the reputation of his family heritage clean.

Keep an eye on: the humor on the main characters. Kuzneski´s story is dotted with humor moments those that make the story even more interesting and agile. The joke about salami is great and hardly I could think on a better hilarious episode among all thrillers and crime novels I´ve read.

Worths to mention the historic facts used to build the plot and the very comprehensive telling of landscapes, castles and characters.

Why to read Kuzneski's? to have a great action thriller with an unparalleled style.

To survive, surveillance would be essential.

Very recommendable

ISBN: 9780241952122

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