Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Exit Wound, Andy McNab - 2009

... it doesn't matter where you come from, man. It's where you are that matters.

Nick Stone decided to participate in a 'simply and perfect mission' with his pals. Nothing can go wrong, according with their plans and the lost gold of Hussein would be the retirement insurance for all of them.

After a shocking backstroke, Stone finds himself alone in Iran with very little possibilities of a happy end. A little help will assist him but not for free. Now he will pay back running a very dangerous mission where his training and skills as a former SAS will be taken to the limits.

'We´re mates,' I said. 'I wouldn´t let you down. I´m here becasue I want to look after you.'

Andy McNab brings a new exciting story where high detailed operational elements, weaponry, army jargon and action scenes.

Keep an eye on: the description of operations, the exhaustive detail of the background, places, brands and specially on the vocabulary he uses on dialogs. Definitely only a soldier how has lived a number of missions and has witnessed of the real facts of war can speak in the way McNab does.

For all readers looking for action thrillers with a full taste of realism, McNab's books are a great option.

the table in English and Farsi proudly announced that the Bandar Hotel had 'why-fi'

Very recommendable.
ISBN: 9780552156288

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