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The Lost Relic, Scott Mariani - 2011

However long it takes. Whatever it takes. You find me this... this Ben Hope.

The wrong place and the wrong time. That's the premise for the sixth great adveture of Major Benedict Hope.

Ben goes to Italy looking for an old friend, the meeting went fine however not with the results he expected. Later on his way back a very curious event will lead to a great plot where he will not face only a wide range of rivals but himself.

Ben will be pointed as guilty for an assassination he didn't commited and pursuit by SOCA, MI6 and the Russian and Italian mafias. Major Hope will need to run and find the way to proof his innocence and, at the same time, face an internal struggle with his feelings and one of his biggest fears: loneliness.

The situation will turn harder when he realises that he can't involve his beloved Le Val and a very high qualified agent will be asigned to hunt him: Darcey Kane.

Rome will stand as the main scenarium but we will have a quick glance of St. Petersburg, Manchester, Salamanca, London, Paris and Vila Flor. Every step will reveal little by little a secret rooted in the recesses of Russian history.

... a unique and exquisite treasure worth killing, even dying for.

With his very particular and exciting style, Scott Mariani grabbs the attention of readers from the first chapter. The personal signature of Mr. Mariani is present in the structure of the book with some first and short apparently isolated events that later will be linked in a very explosive story.

Ben Hope is shown as a more mature man, wondering himself about his future in terms of career and the most sensitive thing: love.

Keep an eye on: description of weaponry. Mr. Mariani has done one of the best jobs documenting and detailing every single specification of firearms and military vehicles. The way the author develops the plot based on the actual characteristics of human society: corruption, feelings, ambition, desperation, etc. The questionably clean procedures of the intelligence agencies.

'The Shadow Project' seemed like a great closing book for Major Hope. Now,  with 'The Lost Relic', it's clear that the end is not even close yet.

'The Lost Relic' is the result of: a great paladin, a high voltage story and an utterly great writer; all together in blender.

Sometimes, a guy just had to work things out on his own.

A must read

ISBN: 9781847561978

This book has been reviewed as a courtesy of Avon Books.

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