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Legacy, James Steel - 2010

'We must find the source of the Deathstone!'
An apocalyptic fate is to fall over the world. A mercenary in the present days, a Nazi officer during the growing stage of Hitler's empire and a king in the 16th century start their expeditions to find a legendary powerful diamond known as the Deathstone, forged by Abba Athanasius

'Legacy' is a fascinating story where three different individuals pursue the same target under different reasons without imagine the historic consequences that their steps would lead.

James Steel shows a very interesting plot in parallel timelines that despite their distance in time, are linked profoundly.
'The gates of Hell shall not prevail!'

Major Devereux, decided to change his career in the calvary for a mercenary life. Maybe it hasn't been his best decision, however he feels that it was the only alternative possible other than remain stuck in his rank forever. But the freelance is not always smiling and he's on hard times. A very attractive offer changes his current conditions when he accepts to lead a very dangerous operation in Africa. Alex Devereux will face not only a deadly mission but an internal war with his own ghosts.
I'm not a f... failure!
Keep an eye on: the way the characters are described, their backgrounds, tempers and the dialogs that will bring live to everyone. The weaponry is well described, not in full details but enough to understand and justify the actions. I can remark the description of the Russian BlackShark.

Deserves to emphasize the precision on historic events, such as the King's War, the Peasant's War and many other details. The book is practically dotted with them.

Finally, the way James Steel leads the plot is brilliant, with clear separate stories at the beginning and little by little will send us from one timeline to the other vertiginously, keeping our eyes on the pages until the last moment. 'Legacy' is the best rollercoaster I've ever been on.

'This operation would be illegal by all international law codes.'
Very recommendable.

ISBN: 9781847561602

This book has been reviewed as a courtesy of Avon Books.


  1. Seems like a great book, I might just pick it up! Thanks for the post!

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  2. Thanks for your comment tacos912, certainly is a good book, looks like the author has few more books published, I think if he were a bit more... 'active' he would be very successful.


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