Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The 1st. Bourne's Trilogy, Robert Ludlum

The Bourne Identity - 1980

Jason Bourne finds himself close to the French coast under a shock crisis which has affected his memory. With the time he will discover that in the past he has been taken through many brainwashes and with the help of Marie St. Jacques, a Canadian diplomatic that eventually became his partner and lover, he will try to find his genuine identity.

But Jason and Marie will have not time and peace enough to work Bourne's memory out as they would like too, the CIA and Carlos "The Jackal" are very corcerned about this "lost son / counter part rival" and will do whatever it takes to find him and if were necessary, eliminate him.

Keep an eye on: the well-known style of Ludlum to describe all the scenes and weaponry. It worths to mention all the flash-backs that Jason has from his multiple previous identities.

ISBN: 9780752858548

The Bourne Supremacy - 1986

Hiden in a secure house granted by the CIA, Jason Bourne has a tranquil life with Marie St. Jacques. However, the CIA still needs him as he has been so far the best of his type. Now, somebody else is doing a dirty job in the People's Republic of China and claims to be Jason Bourne.

A crazy hunt will take us to China were Marie St. Jacques will take a key role whilst Bourne runs for his life at the same time that he wants some heads to fall.

Keep an eye on: the time line offered by Ludlum, the amazingly well elaborated strategies played by CIA, Bourne and Marie on the different situations they will face.

ISBN: 9780752858517

The Bourne Ultimatum - 1990

The time have passed. Jason Bourne and Marie St. Jacques could say that finally have reached a normal life and their kids can count with normal parents, however, a professional killer hasn't forget and hasn't forgive. Carlos "The Jackal" is back and this time he's decided to ultimate his number one enemy playing all his cards and demonstrating that he's not only a solitary killer but a resourceful capo that doesn't work alone.

Russia and Caiman Islands will be the scenario for a great battle where to titans will face for their final challenge. The skills are the same, but their youth is gone and strategies must be better calculated as any little mistake can be lethal.

Keep an eye on: all the additional characters allied to each bands and the usual high detailed action sequences written like only the fiction masters can do.

ISBN: 9780752858494

All of them: A must read.


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