Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Operation Mincemeat , Ben Macintyre - 2010

How to strike the enemy and change the course of events beyond bullets and tanks? It was the challenge a of a very reduced group of commited individuals put all together inside the Room 13.

The idea of creating a false identity for a dead body lodged in the mind of Ian Fleming...

Glyndwr Michael, a simply and unknow Welsh citizen, would never imagine that he might be an afterdeath hero, now as the Major William Martin. The military career, his debts at Lloyds TSB Bank, his girlfriend, his father and every single element were created in high level of detail.

But the great deception didn’t depend only on the corpse. The deceit needed to be true time before the evidence were released and the espionage work developed was the cherry on the tart to remove any remain of skepticism.

Now it was the turn of the spies to take the reality of a dead Welsh tramp, make him into a fiction, and so change reality.

Keep an eye on: the interesting narrative style of Macintyre which is a great blend of a very professional journalism, humor, thriller and a-story-told-by-my-grandpa. The documents reproduced on the images section that allow the reader to recreate the plot’s stage and taste the moments.

Ben Macintyre has built his writer-historian-columnist career through lots of excelent investigations. Operation Mincemeat is, in my opinion, the top of his brilliant trayectory. Operation Mincemeat is a great contribution for the study of the events on the Second World War. In my opinion, if all books of history were written as Ben Macintyre wrote this one, the history lessons would be the favourite subject at all levels in schools.

Hitler never admitted he had been fooled, but his military response to the invasion was proof enough that he knew he had made a major strategic error in failing no reinforce Sicily.

A must read.
ISBN: 978408809211

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