Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dead Hunt, Beverly Connor – 2008

Diane Fallon is a high-flying forensic archaeologist with a brilliant career history. Her latest achivement was putting Clymene O’Riley behind bars. But her work is not finished yet; Fallon finds herself involved in a detailled sub plot in which she is the main suspect.

O’Riley has escaped from jail, and later, when her death is reported without a corpse being found, the eyes of the FBI turn to Fallon.

A chain of apparently isolated events helps Diane and her team to uncover an astonishing secret hidden for several years, along with murders, libraries of pornography and other “guilty pleasures”.

Keep an eye on: the fascinating way Connor describes Clymene O’Riley’s way of acting, language and general behavior. Beverly Connor knows exactly how to present a sociopath.

Another remarkable merit that Connor shows is the fluent and easy reading style that makes this novel very enjoyable.

Highly recommendable
ISBN: 9780749909291

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