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The Book Thief, Markus Zusak - 2005

Not-leaving: An act of trust and love, often deciphered by children.
The core of this blog is for espionage, crime and conspiracies. At less, this is the first intention. However, reading "The Book Thief" has been one of this fortunate coincidences and with all due respect for my followers and casual visitors, I have a comment.

Life of pride.

The story begins on 1939 when a nine years old girl, Liesel, suffers her first loss under very dramatic circumstances. Later, she will learn more about earn, get or loose.

Even death has a heart.

Markus Zusak brings to life the non-human character of the death and turns it in a charming, sympathetic and human one.

Germany passes from different stages during the Nazi regime and Himmel Street is the scenario where a handful of families manage to adapt to the different circumstances.

I think the main value of this book is, that shows the other face during the fascist regime of Hitler. We have plenty of stories telling us in detail about the war crimes, the Holocaust and through the eyes of many witnesses we know now that, when somebody goes to the extreme to put in practice ideas in radical way, the World can be a place unlikely for fairness, tolerance and peace.

‘Wanting more is our fundamental right as Germans. What does our Fürher say?’

This book tells us a bit about the Germans out of camps. They are not Jews, nor gipsies and have nothing to be afraid unless the Party could find lacking of sympathy with the Fürher.

Is there cowardice in being glad that you lived?

The Book Thief is a moving story, told by a unusual narrator, that talks about a very rarely discussed topic, based on the human frailty and its unlimited emotions.

Keep an eye on: there are many points to mention and not enough space on this post. I might say: the humor, the vivid descriptions, the short notes from Death and please enjoy slowly and calmy with the "thirdteen-page booklet".

Markus Zusak is a unique storyteller.

It kills me sometimes, how people die.

A must read.

ISBN: 9780552773898

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