Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Afghan, Frederyck Forsyth – 2007

A casual but unfortunate conversation between two CIA officers leads to the recruitment of the retired SAS Mike Martin for a very risky mission: to infiltrate Al-Qaeda and discover its new target. But in order for the operation to be successful, it is necessary to create a highly complex scenario in order to make his identity credible and genuine.

Technology, weaponry and conspiracy are some of the elements that Forsyth manages brilliantly within the plot, showing and explaining the way modern espionage works, with equipment that, despite its sophistication, is prone to failure from time to time.

Keep an eye on: all the procedures described by Forsyth. The almost excessively elaborate strategies adopted in order to fool the enemy. The comprehensive and detailed military knowledge displayed in every phrase – feel the passion of Frederick Forsyth describing ranks, functions, skills and all kind of details related with the army.

If you read this book, it will re-mould your conception of the international thriller novel.

A must read.

ISBN: 9789707803497 (Spanish version - Mexico)

ISBN: 9780552155045 (UK version)

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