Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Last Dickens – Matthew Pearl, 2009

Of course, there was no thinking of Drood's disappearance without thinking of Dicken's death.

The autumn years of Charles Dickens’ life provide the perfect time period for a great historical novel. Matthew Pearl doesn’t miss out a single fact as he tells the story of James R. Osgood’s journey from India to England via the USA, starting out as a humble publisher and finishing up as a detective.

A lost manuscript, a hidden conspiracy, and fierce competition and rivalry between publishers are just three of the elements that will make this story a classic.

To the Harper brothers publishing was power.

Keep an eye on: the vivid descriptions of places and dialogues. Do not miss a single word when Charles Dickens speaks!

Matthew Pearl addresses some very important issues, including intellectual property and piracy, which not only affect the literary world, but also music, film and several other industries which depend on copyright for their development and long term success.

'Books are to be mere lumber in the future. Articles of trade, you see, Mr. Osgood!...'

Very recommendable
ISBN: 9780099512752

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