Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Derailed – James Siegel, 2003

Yes, she was beautiful.
Her eyes.
They were kind of spectaular.

Charles Schine meets Lucinda, on a typical early morning at Penn Station. After a couple of casual meetings they decided to extend their relationship, and Fairfax Hotel becomes the setting for a story in which extortion, anger, anguish and many other feelings arise.

Ellen wasn't firing the agency.
Ellen was firing him.

James Siegel explores human frailty and allows the reader to feel the fear and endless personal torture of a man trapped by his own lie.

Keep an eye on: the detail used to describe the thoughts and reactions of Charles and subsequent effects on his family.

This book may cause lack of sleep.

Things happen for a reason. That's what Deanna believed.

ISBN: 0 7515 3463 3

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