Monday, 5 July 2010

The ODESSA File - Frederick Forsyth, 1972

Ambulances meant trouble and trouble could mean a story... 
but Peter Miller, a young freelance journalist, never imagined what kind of story would come out of this kind of emergency. Germany becomes a giant labyrinth full of surprises and constantly watchful eyes that hide the true identity of a sinister organization founded by former SS members.

The ODESSA File not only unmasked the identity of one of the most wanted nazis in real life, Eduard Roschmann, but it also presents the general post-war feeling of a Germany tired of talking about the Holocaust and the crimes of war.

Keep an eye on: elements describing landscapes, streets and fashion. Forsyth works like an artist, painting a fabulously detailled portrait of Germany. Also pay attention to the historic facts and Nazi items and codes.
This novel was brought to the big screen in 1974, directed by Ronald Neame and starring John Voigh, creating a great transitional text-to-screen work.

Highly recommended.

ISBN: 978-00-99552-28-19

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